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"Mr. Shimura's Essays with Historic Photos" has been updated with the addition of Part 2 which includes 44 new photos and articles.
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Special exhibition of "Mr. Shimura's Essays with Historic Photos" is now up.
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Special exhibition of "Japan Semiconductor Innovation 50" is now up as of June 1.
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Renewal of SHMJ

Notice of the Opening of Semiconductor Museum

It is my great pleasure to inform you the opening of “English Version” of Semiconductor History Museum of Japan. The SHMJ, only in Japanese version, has been opened since November 2010. The special project has been organized for translating the contents into English since the last year, and now, most of them have been completed.
We can now be accessed from all over the world to provide useful information about the historical events in Japan.
I wish you will enjoy visiting the SHMJ.

Sincerely yours,
Tsugio Makimoto, Ph. D
Director of SHMJ

Trends in the Semiconductor Industry Application Products Integrated Circuits Discrete SemiconductorDevice etc Process Technology Packaging

Tsugio Makimoto, Ph. D
Director of SHMJ

Welcome to the
“Semiconductor History Museum of Japan”!

I would like to express my hearty greetings to the visitors of SHMJ.
Six decades have passed since the transistor was invented at Bell Laboratories in 1947. In the meantime, technical innovation has continued incessantly in this industry, and it has become the foundation up on which today’s highly-networked information society is constructed.

In the early stages of the semiconductor industry, Japan played a major role together with the US.

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■Special Exhibition