Japan Semiconductor Innovation 50     (A-1 1950s)

All Transistor Radio (Sony)

Sony (then Tokyo Tsushin Kogyo) developed and commercialized the first all transistor radio TR-55, in Japan in 1955. It weighed 560g, and had 5pcs of transistors driven by 4pcs of AA batteries. This radio was in a totally new style and won a great success. Other Japanese companies followed Sony and entered into this market, and this product became a star of export from Japan. It also created a large demand of Ge transistors, and Japan became the largest manufacturing country of transistors.
The transistor radio opened and led the application of transistors to consumer products, and showed a promising future of semiconductor. It greatly contributed to the recovery of Japan after the war, as a pioneer of "Electronics as a foundation of Japan".
Masaru Ibuka promoted in-house manufacturing of transistors as the key devices, and started an early business model of vertical integration.

TR-55 Mr. M.Ibuka
Quote from Sony HP Offered by Sony


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