Japan Semiconductor Innovation 50     (A-2 1950s)

Transistor-based Computer (Electrotechnical Laboratory)

Denki-Shikenjo (Electrotechnical Laboratory, under the Agency of Industrial Science and Technology of MITI) developed and operated first transistor-based computer in Japan, ETL Mark III, in July 1956. This machine was the first transistor-based computer on the computer development roadmap in Japan which started from a relay-based computer, ETL Mark I, developed in 1952.
Along with the successor ETL Mark IV, the computer technology in Japan with semiconductor application made much progress, and led to the commercialization of Japanese computers. Computer industry made a big growth, formed an infrastructure of modern IT society, and drove semiconductor industry in the areas of high performance devices, memories and others.
About 130pcs of point contact transistors and 1,800pcs of germanium diodes were used in the logic circuitry, and ultra sonic delay elements were used in the main memory of ETL Mark III.

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