Japan Semiconductor Innovation 50     (A-7 1970s)

Microprocessor based Desktop Calculator (Busicom & Intel)

Busicom Corp. developed and commercialized a printer-installed desktop calculator, 141-PF. This calculator is a memorial product in that it initiated the development of 4-bit microprocessor by Intel.
Busicom came up with an idea of new calculator architecture in which various functions were designed by software on the same hardware design, instead of designing different hardware for different calculator products, and requested Intel to develop the LSI. Intel, cooperating with Busicom, succeeded to develop the LSI in this new concept in 1971. This was the birth of the world first microprocessor i4004.
This desktop calculator 141-PF from Busicom became a memorial product which played a very important role to bring a birth to a microprocessor which created a gigantic evolution to the modern society.

141-PF Intel i4004
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