Japan Semiconductor Innovation 50     (A-10 1970s)

CCD Camcorder (Sony)

Sony succeeded to develop a CCD image sensor which had 110k pixels in 1978, and world first camcorder XC-1 which incorporated this CCD sensor was developed in 1980. XC-1 was adopted by "Skyvision" of ANA jumbo jet and was used to show passengers scenes of take-off and landing.
It was described in Sony 50-year commemorative magazine that it took one year to ship 52pcs of CCD for Skyvision, due to the low yield rate. This was the first real application of CCD, and growth of video equipment business was driven by the application of CCD and succeeding CMOS image sensors.
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The number of pixels is also described as 120k in some cases. We use 110k to keep consistency with "D-6: 110k Pixel CCD Image Sensor" in this same Innovation 50.

XC-1 equipped on a Jumbo jet
Offerd by Sony HP


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