Japan Semiconductor Innovation 50     (A-11 1980s)

Hand-held Computer, HX-20 (Epson)

The world's first hand-held computer, HX-20 (called the HC-20 in Japan), was developed and commercialized by Seiko Epson Corporation (then known as Shinshu Seiki) in July 1982. This hand-held computer globally created a sensation and became a bestselling product when launched. HX-20 is an all CMOS computer having 2 CMOS microcomputer chips (HD6301) which were developed by Hitachi in the previous year, and CMOS memories -SRAM(8KB) and ROM(32KB). HX-20, one of "Milestone Products" of Epson, was the pioneer of hand-held information devices which later evolved into note PCs and other mobile electronic devices.

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