Japan Semiconductor Innovation 50    (A-13 1980s)

Home Video Game Machine  "Family Computer - Famicom" (Nintendo)

Nintendo launched a home use video game machine "Famicom" in July,1983. Game software is programmed into ROMs and encapsulated in ROM cartridges which are to be installed into the video game machine and played using a TV display. The business model was to sell various game software products, developed and released after the launch of the game machine, separately from the video game machines. "Famicom" successfully created and globally dominated the market by this business model. The video game machine provided the platform for game software business, and hot selling game software helped market penetration of the video game machine. "Famicom" is the pioneer product which created and developed the home video game market which has grown to one of the major industries. 8-bit CPU integrated with sound source function, image processing LSI, working RAM, video RAM etc. are used in the "Famicom" game machine.

Photo by SSIS T.Watanabe


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