Japan Semiconductor Innovation 50     (A-20 2000s)

Blu-ray Disc Recorder, BDZ-S77 (Sony)

Sony launched the world's first Blu-ray Disc recorder, BDZ-S77, in 2003. Sony promoted Blu-ray Disc technology as the standard of high resolution media and overcame fierce competitions against the other standard, HD-DVD. In 2008, Blu-ray Disc which was supported jointly by other Japanese players finally became the de-fact standard of high resolution media, and came into wide use in the global market. The Blu-ray Disc technology is the basis of recording media for high resolution moving pictures of the terrestrial and satellite digital broadcastings. The blue violet semiconductor laser which was developed in 1999 and mass produced by Nichia is the key component of Blu-ray Disc recorders.

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