Japan Semiconductor Innovation 50     (D-2 1960s)

Mass-production of ICs and LSIs for Calculators

Japanese semiconductor companies further pursued semiconductor technology development for ICs and LSIs in order to reduce weight, power-consumption and cost of calculators, which incorporated large number of discrete transistors. The development of MOS ICs for calculators and the large scale mass-production started in the middle of the '60s. This greatly promoted the progress of mass-production technology of MOS ICs in Japan.
In December, 1967, Sharp put on the market "all IC calculators" which incorporated 56 MOS ICs. Semiconductor companies in Japan further enhanced the integration level to MSI in 1968, LSI in 1969, and finally realized a "one chip calculator" in 1971.
The infiltration and wide spread of calculators in the global market created large markets of MOS ICs and LSIs, and strongly led the growth of Japanese semiconductor industry.


Die photo of HD701
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