Japan Semiconductor Innovation 50     (D-3 1970s)

CMOS LSI for Calculators

In 1971, Toshiba and Sharp started a joint development of CMOS LSI for battery driven calculators. They commercialized a CMOS calculator with LED display in July, 1972, and "Elsi mate", EL-805, with liquid crystal display in 1973.
The C2MOS (Clocked CMOS) technology which Toshiba developed in 1969 for higher integration and lower power feature became a key driver to realize these new developments and mass-production of CMOS LSI for calculators.
After the commercial production of the CMOS calculator "Elsi mate" which significantly improved battery life, CMOS technology and liquid crystal display became the basic technologies of calculators, and size and weight reduction of calculators rapidly progressed to realize "pocket calculators" and "card-type calculators".
The development and mass production of CMOS LSIs for calculators acted as the strong forerunner of CMOS technology advancement, in which Japan led the global industry.


Die photo of CMOS LSI for calculators
Quote from Sharp HP Offered by Toshiba


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