Japan Semiconductor Innovation 50     (D-4 1970s)

Low Voltage CMOS IC for Watches (Seiko Epson)

In 1971, Seiko Epson (then Suwa Seikosha) succeeded in development and mass-production of CMOS IC for watches with the drive voltage of 1.5V. The low voltage operation of this level was an epoch-making technology at the time. It was made possible by the precise control of the surface impurity concentration of silicon substrates and the oxide film.
This CMOS IC technology of low drive voltage and low power enabled rapid development of a subsequent crystal quartz wrist watches
Power consumption reduction is a continuous technological concern for the semiconductor industry with rapid moves to higher integration, and the development and successful mass-production of this ultralow power CMOS IC technology at this time frame is very significant.

CMOS IC for Epson's watches

Offered by Seiko Epson


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