Japan Semiconductor Innovation 50     (D-5 1970s)

CMOS High Speed 4K-bit SRAM (Hitachi)

Hitachi developed high-speed 4K-bit SRAM using a double well CMOS structure and presented it at ISSCC in February, 1978. They then commercialized the product as HM6147.
Hitachi showed that the same operation speed was attained as that of 2147 (4K-bit NMOS products of Intel Corp.) which featured the highest speed among such products at the time, but with extraordinarily low power compared to Intel 2147.
They succeeded also in development and mass-production of 16K-bit SRAM, HM6116, and showed that CMOS could be a main technology for semiconductor devices. CMOS technologies then came to be applied to wide range of main stream products including microprocessors and controllers, logic devices, and DRAMs.

Cross section of Double Well CMOS Structure

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