Japan Semiconductor Innovation 50     (D-11 1980s)

Non-latch-up IGBT (Toshiba)

Toshiba invented a novel structure of insulated gate bipolar transistors (IGBT) to achieve latch-up free higher power operation. Toshiba dubbed the devices "non-latch-up IGBT" and put it on the market in 1986. Then, the use of IGBTs in power electronic equipment was drastically increased. Today, IGBTs are widely used as the most suitable devices for inverters, in white goods applications like air-conditioners, washing-machines, refregirators, IH-cookers, in industrial applications like elevators, robots, machine tools, and also in automotive applications such as electric vehicles.
The non-latch-up IGBT greatly contributed to the progress of power electronics in the world.

Example of IGBT

Offered by Toshiba


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