Japan Semiconductor Innovation 50     (D-14 1990s)

SuperH : Embedded RISC Microprocessor (Hitachi)

Hitachi released SuperH embedded microprocessor in 1992. SuperH is an original 32-bit RISC architecture microprocessor suitable for embedded multimedia applications. The product concept of SuperH was to realize the best 32 bit processor in terms of 'performance per die-size','performance per power consumption' and 'code efficiency', and to provide well optimized microprocessor architecture for embedded applications, which made SuperH clearly differentiated from other 32 bit microprocessors. Application ecosystem for SuperH was also aggressively developed. Hitachi expanded line-up of the processors based on the clearly defined roadmap, and they were widely adopted in digital consumer applications, video-game machines, automobile electronics, cell-phones etc.
In 1993, NEC developed V-850 microprocessor, which also had original 32-bit RISC architecture for embedded use. V-850 series products, together with SH, were also widely adopted in digital consumer, automotive and other applications.
SuperH and V-850 are the world-class 32-bit RISC microprocessors developed in Japan.

Die photo of SH-1

Offered by Hitachi


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