Japan Semiconductor Innovation 50     (D-15 1990s)

Super-junction MOSFET (Fuji Electric)

In 1997, Fuji Electric demonstrated drastic reduction of on-resistance of power MOSFET by their invention of super-junction (SJ) structure in the drift layers of MOSFET. It realized break-through improvement of power MOSFET characteristics, and they named it "super-junction MOSFET (SJ-MOSFET)". The SJ-MOSFET became a widely adopted structure in middle-power MOSFETs with breakdown voltage of around 600V. The devices have been widely used in switching power suppliers, power inverters, high speed motors, etc. The SJ-MOSFET made a great contribution to the development of power MOSFET industry in the world.

Schematic Cross-Sectional View of conventional MOSFET and SJ-MOSFET

Quote from Fuji Electric Journal, vol.82, p.390 (2009))


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