Japan Semiconductor Innovation 50     (D-16 1990s)

Infrared High Power Lasers for DVD Players (NEC, Sony, Toshiba, Panasonic)

NEC, Sony, and Toshiba achieved continuous oscillation of infrared InGaAlP lasers at room temperature in 1985. Then, several Japanese manufacturers improved the infrared lasers for practical use including multi-quantum-well (MQW) lasers, and multi-quantum-barrier (MQB) lasers. The lasers were used as the light sources of pick-ups in DVD players for home use in 1996. Development of several-hundred-mW-class lasers using these technologies made it possible to realize DVD recorders with recording speed of 16 or 32 times higher than basic speed.
Panasonic and several other Japanese companies developed monolithic dual-band high power lasers for DVD/CD dual-use drivers, which integrated InGaAlP 650 nm-band lasers for DVD recording and an AlGaAs 780nm-band lasers for CD recording on the same substrates. Infrared high power lasers made great contribution for the expansion of optical disk industry in the world.

Laser diode for DVD players

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