Japan Semiconductor Innovation 50     (T-6 1970s)

Thin Large-Pin-Count Plastic Package (QFP)

Large-pin-count small-outline surface-mount packages were developed to meet the increasing demand of MOS LSIs for calculators. The first FPP(Flat Plastic Package) which had total of 54 pins arranged in four sides of a flat package was developed in 1977. The thickness was as thin as 2.0mm, and this largely contributed to the miniaturization of calculators. These packages were later applied to 4-bit MCUs and other LSIs. This package type was first named FPP, and later QFP(Quad Flat Package) by the agreement at Semiconductor Outline Standardization Committee.
Japan led the global semiconductor industry also in the expansion of various package outlines, improvement of reliability, surface mount assembly technology and others.

Thin type package FPP

Thin type package QFP
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