Japan Semiconductor Innovation 50     (T-8 1980s)

CD -Critical Dimension- SEM  (Hitachi)

Hitachi developed CD-SEM, S-600, machine which marked an epoch, with a novel idea of fine geometry measurements of semiconductor devices using scanning electron microscopes. It specializes in measurement function of SEM among various other functions. The machine offers automatic measurement capability of pattern width of several hundred nm, and is applied to the dimensional control in semiconductor front-end manufacturing processes. Low acceleration voltages below 1kV are used in order to cope with non-conducting sample materials, avoiding the damage on them. Pattern edges are automatically detected, and standard magnification samples like standard micro-scales are used to secure high precision measurement. Hitachi secured more than 80% market share according to the 2008 statistics.

CD-SEM "S-600"

Quote from Hitachi Hyoron


IEEE Global History Network (Milestones:First Practical Field Emission Electron Microscope)