Japan Semiconductor Innovation 50     (D-6 1970s)

110,000-pixel CCD Image Sensor (Sony)

Strong development of CCD image sensors started around 1975, aiming at replacement of image pick-up tubes.
CCD was invented at Bell Laboratories in the U.S., and Kazuo Iwama of Sony found its future prospects early on and started major development activities in 1973. Then Sony took an initiative in the world by commercializing CCD image sensors of 2/3 inch size (ICX008) with a practical sensitivity of 110,000 pixels (242H x 490V) in 1978. This was adopted to the world first CCD color camera (XC-1), and furthermore, advancement of CCD and succeeding CMOS image sensors was cultivated by these accomplishments.

1/2 inch 250K-pixel CCD on TR-55

Mr. Kazuo Iwama
Quote from Sony HP Offered by Sony


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