Japan Semiconductor Innovation 50     (D-7 1970s)

Microwave and Millimeter Wave Communication Devices (NEC & Fujitsu)

NEC took an initiative in commercializing low noise GaAs MESFET, NE244, in 1974Aand then Fujitsu commercialized world first high-power GaAs MESFET, FLX series, in 1976. Fujitsu then invented a new FET technology of AlGaAs-GaAs hetero-junction interface (HEMT=High Electron Mobility Transistor) in 1979.
These devices offered excellent performance in high frequency operations, and were widely used as the key devices in micro-wave and millimeter-wave communication systems in the world such as satellite broadcasting, mobile communication systems, etc. They also led the progress of compound semiconductor industry focusing on GaAs, as well as leading the communication industries in the world.

Die photo of GaAS MESFET

Photo of mounted high power GaAs MESFET
Photo reference 1 Photo reference 2


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Photo reference 1
"Submicron single-gate and dual-gate GaAs MESFETs with improved low noise and high gain performance" IEEE Trans. MTT, vol.MTT-24, pp. 300-305 (1976)

Photo reference 2
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