Introduction to ExhibitⅥ

Exhibit Ⅵ is a collection of presentation materials during more than 30 years from 1981 to 2015 which include keynote speeches and invited speeches in the major international conferences, both academic and industrial. The materials of previous Exhibits, from Exhibit Ⅰ through Ⅴ, are the “histories written later”, so to speak, which I wrote by looking back the past from today’s point of view.

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On the other hand, the materials in the Exhibit Ⅵ are the raw materials at the time, and the technology, market, and management judgment, etc. are presented as they were then.

Therefore, they may contain some strange points or some erroneous views from today’s viewpoint. With this in mind, please take them as individual “scenes in the history” which are put as they were at the time.

By following such materials, you can learn how new technologies and markets, and also new concepts and "terms" were born.

Some concepts which are included here were the “first in the world” at the time of presentation, and are still influential in the semiconductor industry today. The followings are some examples.

  • The "ZTAT microprocessor” in the Dataquest conference in 1986 was a pioneer of field programmable microprocessors and also that of today’s flash-on-chip microprocessors. See Exhibit II, Chapter 7 for reference.
  • A paper regarding "Makimoto’s wave" in the InStat conference in 1991 was invited to the special issue of IEEE Computer Magazine (2013) on “Computing Laws Revisited” as one of five computing laws, and is still drawing attention today. See Exhibit IV for reference.
  • The "Nomadic Style" in the InStat conference in 1994 is exactly the lifestyle of today's smartphone era. See Exhibit V for reference.
  • "Second digital wave" in the Future Horizons conference in 2000 expresses the rise of digital consumer era after the PC era.
  • The "robotics wave" in the 2002 IEDM predicted the rise of "post-smartphone era" which is becoming true today, and robotics are getting increasingly more momentum in recent years
  • The most recent example is HFSI (Highly Flexible Super Integration) which was first proposed in the 2013 issue of IEEE Computer magazine, and was also mentioned in the 2014 COMPSAC speech. I will continue to watch closely how it will evolve in the future market.

"Commentary" is put at the head of each presentation material, in which the background of the era and the summary of the speech are described. In addition, a brief explanation is attached to each page of the material as marginal notes, so as to help readers’ understanding.

Exhibit VI consists of two parts. Part 1 is the collection of materials in my Hitachi days, and Part 2 is that of my Sony days and after my retirement from Sony.

Early materials include those written on papers, OHP sheets, and films, which may be difficult to read. Please allow me for that, taking them as historic remains.

In retrospect, the materials included here were not only presented at semiconductor related conferences, but some of them were presented at computer related conferences. I had several opportunities to be invited from academic conferences in the computer field, including Supercomputer Conference 2006 (Tampa, USA), International Supercomputer Conference 2007 (Dresden, Germany), and COMPSAC 2015 (Taichung, Taiwan). This is clear evidence that semiconductors and computers are closely linked in an inseparable way.

Presentation materials selected here are all written in English. I intentionally excluded those materials written in Japanese because they are included in the Japanese site of Makimoto Library.

I wish presentation materials in old days will be of some reference to you in reviewing the semiconductor history.


List of Presentation Materials

Part 1: Materials in my Hitachi days

No. Year Conference Title
1 1981 Dataquest Conference, Invited Speech Semiconductor Manufacturing in Japan
2 1982 IEDM, Keynote Speech Automation in Semiconductor Manufacturing
3 1986 Dataquest Conference, Invited Speech Towards User-Friendly Integrated Circuits
4 1991 In-Stat Conference, Invited Speech Structural Change of the Semiconductor Industry: From 1957 ? 2007
5 1994 In-Stat Conference, Keynote Speech Megatrends in the Nomadic Age
6 1996 VLSI Symposium, Keynote Speech Market and Technology Trends in the Nomadic Age
7 1999 In-Stat Conference, Invited Speech New Scenery after the Storm
8 2000 FPL (Field Programmable Logic) Conference, Keynote Speech The Rising Wave of Field Programmability
9 2000 Future Horizons Conference, Keynote Speech The Second Wave of Digital Revolution

Part 2: Materials in my Sony days and after my retirement form Sony

No. Year Conference Title
10 2002 Future Horizons Conference, Invited Speech Dual Engines for the Second Digital Wave ----SoC and SiP---
11 2002 IEDM, Keynote Speech Chip Technologies for Entertainment Robots
12 2003 ISPLED( International Symposium on Low Power Electronics and Design), Keynote Speech Evolution of Low Power Electronics and Its Future Applications
13 2004 Semico Research Conference, Keynote Speech New Opportunities in the Chip Industry
14 2006 SC (Supercomputer Conference), Invited Speech Chip Innovations and Computer Revolution
15 2010 Semico Research Conference, Keynote Speech Chip Innovations Opening the Age of the Digital Nomad
16 2012 GSA (Global Semiconductor Alliance) Conference , Invited Speech Nothing on the Extrapolation in the Chip Industry
17 2015 COMPSAC, Keynote Speech Chip Technologies as the Engine for IT Revolution