Japan Semiconductor Innovation 50 Index

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All Transistor Radio [Sony] Invention of tunnel diode - Esaki diode [Sony]  
Transistor-based Computer [Electrotechnical Laboratory]    

Transistor TV [Sony]

Mass-production of ICs and LSIs for Calculators De-facto Standardization of <100> Crystal Orientation for MOS Devices [Hitachi]
All-transistor Calculator [Sharp]   Global Leadership and Contribution in Photoresist Materials [Tokyo Ohka]
LSI based Desk Top Calculator [Sharp]    
Electronic Wristwatch [Seiko-Epson]    
1970s Microprocessor based Desktop Calculator [Busicom & Intel] CMOS LSI for Calculators Automatic Wire Bonder (Hitachi and Shinkawa)
Home Use VCR [Sony & Japan Victor] Low Voltage CMOS IC for Watches [Seiko Epson] Automatic Dicing Machine [DISCO]
Portable Cassette-player "Walkman" [Sony] CMOS High Speed 4 K bit SRAM [Hitachi] Ultra-Thin Oxide-Nitride Gate Insulator Films [Fujitsu]
CCD Camcorder [Sony] 110,000-pixel CCD Image Sensor [Sony] Thin Large-Pin-Count Plastic Package (QFP)
  Microwave and Millimeter Wave Communication Devices [NEC & Fujitsu]  
1980s Hand-held Computer HX-20 [EPSON] Advanced Technologies in DRAM Development and Commercialization of Steppers [Nikon and Canon]
CD player CDP-101 [Sony] Microcontroller with on-chip EPROM [Hitachi]
CD -Critical Dimension- SEM [(Hitachi]
Home Video Game Machine   "Family Computer - Famicom" [(Nintendo]

High Density Flash Memory [Toshiba]

High Quality Silicon Wafers
  Non-latch-up IGBT [Toshiba] Three-Dimensional Cell Structure to DRAM [Hitachi]
VSIS Laser for CD Players [Sharp] LOC Type Package
1990s Lap Top PC   T1100 [Toshiba]
Semiconductor Lasers for Optical Fiber Communications [NTT, KDDI, NEC, Fujitsu, Hitachi] Electron Beam Mask Drawing Machine
GPS-based Car Navigation System [Mitsubishi Electric & Matsuda] SuperH : Embedded RISC Microprocessor [Hitachi]  
Home Video Game Machine   'PlayStation' [Sony] Super-junction MOSFET[(Fuji Electric]  
Digital Still Camera   QV-10 [Casio] Infrared High Power Lasers for DVD Players [NEC, Sony, Toshiba, Panasonic]  
  World First Commercial Blue LED [Nichia]  
2000s Contactless IC Card and its Practical Application [JR East]

Cell Broadband Engine - Product and Application Development [Toshiba, IBM, Sony Group]

Digital Still Camera Equipped Cell Phone J-SH04 (Sharp)


Blu-ray Disc Recorder BDZ-S77 [Sony]

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